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Introducing innovative treatment elements and
every day health care tools from Life Resonance
made in Switzerland
Life Resonance is the developer and manufacturer of the Life Resonance treatment tools and elements. These unique energy-based products for treatment and private every day use are effectively riding the current trend and great demand for harmony and more quality of life.

The manufacturer Life Resonance is offering international importers, distributors and wholesalers, operating in the Beauty, Skin Care and Wellness market, interesting business opportunities in a rising market.
Business Community
HEALTH & Medical Care

All transmitter products are enriched with reorganizing resonance patterns. Traditional Swiss craftsmanship play a significant role in the treatment elements and energy balancing transmitters.

Target Groups
The Life Resonance Products for BEAUTY, SKIN CARE & WELLNESS are developed for Cosmetic Salons, Wellness-institutes, Massage praxis, Beauty Farms and Spas.
Life Resonance is successfully used for the following applications:

  • Professional Energy Balance treatments
  • Personal every day Energy balance pendants
  • Food and drink harmonizing
  • General Energy Care
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    Life Resonance Drink Pulser (PDF-428kB) LIFE RESONANCE - Skin Care Products
    Life Resonance Biopulser (PDF-472kB) LIFE RESONANCE - Brochure
    Life Resonance Flight & Travel Aid (PDF-668kB) LIFE RESONANCE - Brochure
    Life Resonance Stabilizing Pendant (PDF-476kB) LIFE RESONANCE - License Concept
    Life Resonance Licence concept (PDF-2.2MB) LIFE RESONANCE - License Concept
    The Advantage
    Products with Bioinformation include the possibility of supporting and harmonizing the human energy field which plays an important part in controlling biological processes.

    Highly appreciated benefits are:
  • balance for body & mind
  • enhanced vitality
  • beauty & health
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