General Information: The Company
FIBD is a Swiss company based in Wetzikon, 30 min. away from Zurich Airport. We are specialized in supporting manufacturers and distributors in the Health Care, Beauty Care and Wellness Business to develop new markets with innovative products. Most of our manufacturing partners are working successfully with us since more than 10 years. Our goal has always been to offer product lines that fit together so that distributors can build on what we have prepared.
photo fleckenstein   photo vonstuerler
Ernest John Fleckenstein
  Guido von Stürler
Art Director
FLECKENSTEIN IBD and Manufacturing Partners also offer:
  • Many years of experience in business development
  • Certified quality standards (ISO & EN)
  • Training for key people (trainers), sales staff and technical staff
  • Documentation - not only for marketing and
    sales but also for education purpose's
  • Excellent services
  • Very flexible and powerful partnerships
  • OEM Manufacturing
    We are looking forward to get to know you and support your business ideas.